How We Planned Our Dream Honeymoon in Europe


This past year, after nearly 9 years together, Anna and I tied the knot. While Anna was the spearhead for the wedding planning, I was the one in charge of planning our honeymoon. Planning the honeymoon was not nearly as tough as the wedding, but it still was rather difficult given the places on our visit wish list.

A few years ago, we found the TV show Rick Steve’s Europe on Hulu and went on a watching marathon. Back then, the only place that we have been in Europe together was London in 2008. After going on the Hulu binge, we were determined to visit mainland Europe.

So in 2013, we planned and went on our first trip together to Europe. Since it was our first time, we wanted to visit multiple cities. The cities that we decided on were Paris, Barcelona, and Rome. These were all major cities and we thought it would give us a good taste of the different cultures. Little did Anna know during the time, I was planning on proposing to her in our first stop – Paris.

travelling daze paris proposal
Paris 2013 & Paris 2016

The trip was fantastic! We spent two weeks spread out between the cities and was able to see, hear, and experience the magic within each place. We found that Paris was our favorite city, not just in Europe, but anywhere in the world!

Fast-forward to 2015.

In the midst of all the wedding planning, we also had to start planning and booking our honeymoon trip. From our first taste of Europe, we knew that we had to go back. There was still so much that we have not seen and did not do during our first time.  This time around though, we had three weeks and we wanted to make the most of it.

The two week/three cities trip during our first visit to Europe was great, but we wanted to be able to see as much as reasonably possible during our three week honeymoon timespan. We knew our departure city was going to be Nashville but all other factors were unknown at the time. Paris was a must re-visit city and we also wanted to visit the Alps, Bavaria, Venice, and island hop in Greece.

We wanted to make sure that we included a “vacation within a vacation”, similar to what Barcelona was on our first Euro trip. We feel that these are imperative in long Euro trips as we are not really leisurely travelers and are typically out and about all day long. Now that we the major factors identified, we also to make sure that these factors below were taken into consideration:

  • Ease of transportation to and from
  • Differentiation of cultures

With all these factors accounted for, we decided that the places to visit were:

  1. Paris, France
  2. Zurich, Switzerland
  3. Murren, Switzerland
  4. Bern, Switzerland
  5. Munich, Germany
  6. Salzburg, Austria
  7. Venice, Italy
  8. Ios, Greece
  9. Santorini, Greece
  10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

travelling daze - honeymoon 2016


This list also includes visits to Gimmelwald and Lauterbrunnen Switzerland, as well as Hallstatt Austria. This gave us a mixture of small towns and big cities. You’re probably thinking, “Hey, 13 locations?? You guys were nuts and probably spent most of your time traveling”. Well, we did have a lot of time commuting but we knew that with so many destinations, it might get hectic. With three weeks at our disposal, we knew that a schedule like this is not just do-able, but was totally worth it!


In our honeymoon trip series we’ll be discussing our research and travel booking process, reward point strategies, as well as a snapshot of what we did during our time. We hope that this series will not only inspire you to take that Euro plunge, but also help you plan your dream own trip using reward points and cash. Stick around, part one of our series will be coming soon!

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Part 2 – How We Booked Our Flights to Europe

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