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After much back and forth of deciding to go to Havana Cuba, we finally pulled the trigger and bought our tickets! We used 12,312 Southwest Rapid Rewards points and $155.32 to fly from Ft. Lauderdale to Havana. Our return flight will be from Havana to Atlanta. The reason that our two tickets only cost 12k points is because we used our new Southwest Companion Pass which allows us to pretty much get a free ticket! If you want Southwest’s Companion Pass, here’s a great way to get it.


We’ll be in Cuba just for a short 3 and a half days from March 17 through the 21. Given our short weekend trip, we’ll just be hanging out in Havana for all of it. We have heard great things about Viñales and Trinidad but we’ll have to add that to our next visit to Cuba. Since we just booked our flights yesterday, we really need to get jump started on our travel planning. We’ve already decided that we definitely want to stay in a “casa” to get the full Cuban experience and to connect with the locals.


It seems traveling to Cuba is the new “flavor of the month” thing to do for Americans, just like Iceland. We don’t really care about this notion and can’t wait to enjoy a culture that hasn’t been touched by Americanism until last year.


If you have already been to Cuba, we would love to hear your suggestions and tips/tricks. Leave us a comment below!

As always with traveling…

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