Now that the year is in full swing, we wanted to share our top places we want to visit in 2017. Every year, we do an inventory of how many reward points we have and where we want to go. Since we both have regular “big people” jobs, we have to be strategic on our where we go and for how long. From the list below, we have already snagged our tickets to 3 of the places. Let us know if you have some tips for these locations in our comments!


1. New Zealand

new zealand


2. Australia

sydney australia


Australia and New Zealand has been on our list for a very long time and thanks to some stellar Chase Ultimate Reward bonuses, we finally had some points to fly there in luxury. We just recently booked two first class one-way flights through United using our Chase Ultimate Reward points. We plan on spending close to 3 weeks during this trip but have yet to plan the itinerary of things to do yet.


3. Hawaii



Hawaii is pretty diverse as all the islands offer something different. We booked our round-trip flights to Maui and Oahu on Delta Airlines late last year while they were offering a flash sale. While we would have loved to visit Kauai too,  we only have 10 days to spend in Hawaii in May and three islands might have been too much. The planning process has now begun and we can’t wait to get there!


4. Cuba

havana cuba


Cuba is exotic to Americans. That’s one of the reasons that we want to go.  Since we are blowing most of our vacation days on our Australia and New Zealand trip, we wanted to fit this in either over the Independence Day weekend or the Labor Day weekend. Southwest Airlines will be our preferred method of flying there, unless we somehow end up in Miami, as we are hoping to capitalize on the Southwest Companion Pass.


5. Costa Rica

arenal volcano costa rica


Costa Rica is another place where we want to go using Southwest Airlines. Similar to wanting to visit Cuba, we would like to plan a trip to Costa over an extended holiday break. We want visit the Arenal volcano, walk the rainforests, and soak up the sun on the west coast beaches!




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