How to Save Money on WOW Air to Iceland

WOW Air is a budget airline that services trips between the U.S., Iceland, and Europe. They started flights of out certain northeastern cities like Boston and New York City, but have now also expanded their footprint to Los Angeles and San Francisco. WOW Air is the go-to airline if you’re looking to visit Iceland inexpensively.

WOW Air sometimes does these ridiculous $99 one way fares to Iceland. If you’re wanting to spend as little money as possible to get to Iceland, I’d recommend waiting for the fare sales.

However if you’re unable to hop on one of these sales, there are other tricks to still get a somewhat decent deal. With these budget airlines to Europe, switching the language of the website to the native language of the airline’s country sometimes lowers the prices of the fares. This trick works well with Norwegian Air.

Another tip I discovered using the WOW Air website is change the search criteria from “Round Trip” to “Stopover”. With this simple trick, we were able to save a couple hundred dollars on our tickets to Reykjavik.

Trick to Save Money While Booking Tickets

1. First select “Stopover” and search for your dates and your desired U.S. departure city. For our example, we’ll use BWI (WOW Air calls this Washington D.C. but it’s really Baltimore). In this scenario, Reykjavik will be your stopover city so you’ll have to select a destination city. We’ll use Copenhagen here. Search for your fare and look at the price.


WOW Air Screenshot 1

WOW Air Screenshot 2

This search gave me the price of $345 per person. This seems decent for a fare from BWI to Copenhagen with a stopover in Iceland. But since I don’t want to go to Copenhagen this time around, I’ll continue my search.


2. Now, just hit the Back button on your browser to return to the home page. This time, select the “Round Trip” option. Input your dates and change the destination city to Reykjavik. Now search again and this will give you a lower price than the “Stopover” search.

WOW Air Screenshot 3


WOW AIR Screenshot 3


Our search this time gave us a price of $199 per person for a round-trip. This looks pretty good right?  Now if you want to see a real difference, open an incognito browser window (I’m using Chrome as my web browser) and go back to the WOW Air website. Just search using the “Round Trip” option using your dates again to Reykjavik.


WOW Air Screenshot 6

This search gave us a price of $389.98 per person to Reykjavik. This fare costs us more than if went to Copenhagen with a stopover in Reykjavik. Not a very good deal at all!


In Conclusion

So just with us doing this little trick, we just saved  $190.98 off our round-trip ticket to Reykjavik! BOOM! Now that’s a great deal if you’re wanting to go to Iceland outside of WOW Air’s amazing fare sales.

Enjoy this trick while you can before WOW Air figures it out and fixes it. I’m not sure how it’ll work so before you book your tickets on WOW Air to Iceland, just give it a little try. I’m not sure why their website does this and if it’s dependent on those cities I’ve selected as my departure and arrival cities.

Let me know if you guys find the same savings using different cities by posting in the Comments section below. Travel smarter, not harder!

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