Top 5 Essential Tech Items For Travel


Many people choose to disconnect from technology when they travel on vacation. We chose to embrace it to help us travel easier and to really make the most out of our trips. Through our travels, we have come to realize that there are certain tech items that we use quite often. These items are pretty much a must on all of our trips now. Check out our Top 5 Essential Tech Items for Travel below!


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Top 5 Essential Tech Items For Travel sony a5000

A camera is pretty much mandatory when you travel. How else would you capture the moments and memories from your trip?? There are so many different types of cameras to choose from. While many professional photographers will always opt for a DSLR, we like to travel a bit lighter. When we travel, we like to use a smaller frame cameras such as the Sony RX100 and the Sony A5000 mirrorless camera.  Both of our cameras have different purposes. We like to bring our RX100 when we need portability since it can easily fit into our pockets. Our A5000, with is large sensor, is our DSLR alternative. It takes amazing photos that can compete with DSLRs but at half the size. We highly recommend going the mirrorless camera route if portability is a priority.


Cell Phoneiphone 7

Another mandatory item to bring. Everyone has a cell phone and it’s nearly impossible for us to disconnect. Gone are the days of going on vacation with a phone. Whether it’s an iPhone or an Android, cell phones are invaluable when we travel. Phones today have pretty darn good cameras and since we always have a phone on us, we can capture those special moments easier. There are even apps out there that give you manual¬†controls over your camera. Speaking of apps…there are a ton of them for traveling! We always load up our phones with useful apps before our travels. Since you’re going to bring your phone with you anyways, might as turn it into a useful took!



External Battery Charger

external battery charger

With all those power sucking electronics, an external battery charger is essential. We always carry extra batteries for our cameras but there are times that we forget to charge up the spares or just simply run out of juice. External battery chargers come in many different shapes, sizes, and power storage. We use a 20,000 mAh Aukey charger. It’s a bit heavy but it can charge a cell phone up¬†to 10 times from one full charge. With that kind of power, we never need to stand by an outlet to wait for our devices to charge. For you iPhone users, an external battery charger is a must since you can swap out batteries.



Universal Travel Adapter

travel adapter

When you need to juice up your devices in your hotel, a universal travel adapter is handy if your hotel doesn’t accept U.S. plugs.¬†Universal travel adapters have compatibility plugs with pretty much all regions of the world. The newer versions now even have USB ports, allowing you to charge more than one device at a time. If you’re like us and have multiple devices that need power at the end of the day, you’ll find these newer ones extremely useful. We usually carry two to three universal travel adapters with us on our travels.




Selfie Stick

selfie stick

So, we’re a bit reluctant to list the selfie stick as an essential item for travel. The reason we’re reluctant is because you can’t travel anywhere without seeing one being swung around and in the way. Everybody and their mommas has one now. We gotta admit though, we have and still use a selfie stick from time to time, but we would much rather use a tripod. But for the ordinary traveler, the selfie stick is invaluable when you want a good photo without having to lug around a bulky tripod. Selfie sticks are super useful when there isn’t anyone around that could help take a photo for you. We still would totally recommend a selfie stick for your ordinary traveler. Just make sure to not hit other people in the head with it!





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  1. Mirrorless camera? I didn’t know there is something like that. Thanks! I like a camera that can fit in my pocket.

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