Top Reasons to Visit Mürren Switzerland


Mürren, in the Jungfrau region of Switzerland, is one of the most picturesque places that we have ever visited. Many people who to go the Swiss Alps usually stay in Interlaken or Grindelwald, which are more resort towns. Unbeknownst to most, there is a more tranquil yet beautiful collection of towns just on the other side of the mountain. Here are our Top Reasons to Visit Mürren Switzerland.


The Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau

murren switzerland
Our view of the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau

The Swiss Alps are amazingly beautiful. Mürren has a spectacular view of three of the most beautiful mountains: the Eiger, Mönch,and Jungfrau. Legend has it that the monk (Mönch) is protecting the virgin (Jungfrau) from the ogre (Eiger). Mürren is situated 5,5413 ft above sea level on the side of a mountain and can only be accessed via gondola and train. As you’re walking around town, you’ll feel like you can almost reach out and touch the mountains with your hands. If you wanted to actually go up a mountain, you can take a gondola ride right from within town to the Schilthorn.


Experience Swiss Mountain Culture

Switzerland house


Mürren is the quintessential small Swiss mountain town. The town only has a population of 450 people and it takes roughly 20 minutes to walk the entire town. You can see and experience the tough, yet simple life of the people in this town. Try some of the homemade cheese or the delicious apple strudels. The locals in town are some of the friendliest you’ll meet in Switzerland. From Mürren, you can easily walk to the nearby town Gimmelwald. The walk is scenic and Gimmelwald itself is also as quaint and beautiful. We were lucky enough to be in Mürren during the last Swiss National Day and got to experience some amazing local music and traditions.


Not Overrun with Tourists….yet

top reasons to visit Mürren Switzerland hotel alpina murren switzerland
Our hotel during our last visit

We last visited Mürren in August 2016. While Mürren has a population of 450 people, it also has 2,000 available hotel beds. Though our last visit was in the peak of summer, we love that the town is still quaint and not overrun with tourists. At times, we felt like we were the only people in town. Tourists from Asia have found out about Mürren though so we are thinking Mürren’s secret charm will change in the next few years. Visit Mürren before it becomes a Halstatt!



There are so many more reasons to visit Mürren. From great hiking and spectacular mountain views, Mürren has plenty to do. If you’re looking to stay in a picturesque Swiss Alps town that has not been overrun with tourists, you will not be disappointed with Mürren!



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