Top Tools To Find Flight Deals


Flights are typically the biggest expense aside from hotels. We are huge advocates of using reward points to buy flights instead of spending money out of your own pocket for flights. But there are times when our reward points inventory is low or there aren’t any options to use the points. In those instances, paying out of pocket is the only choice. Fortunately though, we have found great ways to save on paying for flights. Below is our Top Tools To Find Flight Deals.



Top Tools To Find Flight Deals twitter logo

Twitter is by far the best tool to use to find flight deals. There are a ton of accounts on Twitter that are dedicated specifically to finding awesome flight deals.

Our favorite accounts to follow are:

We high recommend that you follow these accounts to find the best deals. We like to retweet deals that we think are particularly good. We have also made a list of these accounts and will continue to add more as we find them.



Scott’s Cheap Flights

Top Tools To Find Flight Deals scotts cheap flights

Scott’s Cheap Flights is a great subscription based site to use to find deals. Scott dedicates a lot of his time to finding some great deals and sends them via email. All you have to do is sign up using your email and Scott will send periodic deals for free. One thing to note is that these are only for international flights. Scott’s Cheap Flights also offers a premium service allowing you to filter more by city and region. The premium service also allows you to receive texts from Scott about the deals. As premium members, we love seeing the multiple emails a day of deals. We have yet to take advantage of the deals but hope to soon!



Google Flights

Top Tools To Find Flight Deals google flights

Google Flights is a great tool to use for finding the lowest prices for flights. Google Flights leverages the powerful ITA software but unlike the ITA Matrix website, it allows you to book directly from the website. The best feature we like about Google Flights is you can search using a calendar allowing you see is the lowest prices based on dates. After deciding on our travel destination, Google Flights is usually our first stop in finding tickets.



Top Tools To Find Flight Deals momondo

Momondo is another tool to use for finding cheap flights. The big difference between Momondo and Google Flights is that Momondo also searches the smaller regional airlines. Momondo will show search results from budget airlines as well such as EasyJet and RyanAir. Another big reason we like Momondo is that the prices that are shown are usually lower than that of Google Flights.



Top Tools To Find Flight Deals skyscanner


Skyscanner is another great tool to use. Skyscanner is really similar to Momondo in that it also searches for regional and budget airlines. The biggest difference between Skyscanner and Momondo is typically the prices of the flights. Skyscanner’s prices tend to be a little bit more than Momondo in general. The price difference fluctuates between a few dollars to a hundred dollars. Skyscanner is usually our last place that we check, but we check nonetheless.




This is pretty much our top tools to find flight deals. Using a combination of all these tools will help you find the best flight deals. We have all these sites bookmarked and checked them daily. If you have a favorite site or tool that you use, we would love to know in the comments below!



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