Travel Resources

Flight Search Resources

ITA MatrixIncredible flight search tool allowing you to search using multiple filters as well as seeing information such as price per mile. This tool does not allow you to purchase tickets through this tool though. High recommended as your primary flight search tool.
Google Flights
This is the user-friendly version of ITA Matrix. It uses the same engine to search but does not have as many features. It does allow you to book flights directly from the site.
MomondoGreat flight search engine to find smaller airlines that may not be listed in the big search engines. We tend to use this to book regional budget airlines.
SkyscannerSimilar to Momondo. Another useful search engine to find great flight prices.
AwardHackerUseful tool for those needing to search for award redemptions without much hassle. You can filter by frequent flyer programs as well as credit card award programs.
ExpertFlyerNeeding to search availability for an award redemption? This is a great tool to use for that. We use the free service but the pro may be worth it for others.
SeatGuruUse this tool to research the types of planes flown on particular routes as well as the best seats on the plane.
FlightAwareUseful flight tracking tool to see information about your flight.


Trip Planning Resources

TripAdvisorOur go-to tool for planning all of our trips. Find hotels, things to do, reviews as well as create your travel itinerary.
Google TripsThis one is a new phone app released by Google. It works similar to TripIT but uses Google's resources such as Gmail and Google Maps to track your travel information.
TripItUseful tool for tracking your travel reservations through your email. It also has a great tool for itinerary creating.
AwardWalletThe best way we've found so far to keep track of all of your reward points. It has become more limited in the past few years but still very useful.
AwardMapperThis tool allows you to search for hotel chains within a map. Useful in planning your hotel award redemption.
Great Circle MapperCreate a visual map of your itinerary using this simple tool.
Flyer Talk ForumsAn awesome community to keep up with the latest news and discussions related to travel.